RobynRyli Recap: Youth Media Symposium starts production

YMS Between the Bricks Ep2 Chaos at Barringer:

In July 2014 I was asked to give a 8-week media production workshop to Newark high school students enrolled in the Youth Media Symposium program. It was a most enriching and rewarding experience. They were present for every moment, became invested in their learning, and pushed themselves past their comfort zones. All while learning how to use a video camera, research show topics, interview subjects and guests, and edit footage. At the end of the summer my YMS students created their own web show called “Between the Bricks”. Their first episode can be found on their YouTube channel.

I stayed on as their Media Instructor. My students still make videos. Only now we deal with issues the Mainstream Media is slow or in some cases chooses not to catch. The video link above is an example of just that. Between the Bricks Ep2: Chaos at Barringer is a student report on the troubles Barringer High School students dealt with during the first weeks of school in September of 2015. Lack of school lunches, students sitting on the floor due to lack of desks, and more. After the video was posted it was picked up by WABC-TV and NJTV News who sent reporters to the school for further coverage.

I encourage you to check out YMS’ other videos about educational issues affecting students in Newark on the Youth Media Symposium and RobynRyli YouTube channels.

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