Enter the bat cave and learn three easy steps for becoming a reality creator in Newark.

A graduate of both Science High School in Newark, NJ and Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ  Mrs. Robyn Leigh Butler has stayed close to her roots.  Concentrating on media studies Mrs. Butler earned a B.A. in American Studies.  She then took her gift of writing and media creativity back to Newark and began writing media material for small businesses in her community free of charge.  Once her child attended Pre-School she became even more active in volunteering in her community and other causes.  While dedicating time to her neighbors Mrs. Butler continued writing having been published in a number of on-line magazines for poetry.  She also spent time as an internet radio personality in Newark.

Mrs. Butler combined her gifts of writing, media creativity, and dedication to her community to create RobynRyli Concepts, LLC. Her company aims to bring positive media attention about and to Newark and the Greater Newark Area through public relations, social media and visual productions.

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